Memories Michiana

We take special care of your memorabilia throughout the entire process of receiving your materials, digitizing each item, and returning all materials safely to you.


Being local, you do not need to send your materials through the mail. We can pick them up from your place, meet you halfway, or you can drop them off at our place.
The first thing we do when we receive the materials is to take inventory of each item you want digitized. We carefully label each item with an inventory number and record it on a spreadsheet, enabling us to stay organized with all your original materials. We will contact you with our inventory list to make sure it matches with what you gave us.
Our expert staff will examine each piece of your media carefully and will begin the process of preserving your memories in a digital format. Please know that quality work takes time. Depending on volume, the entire process can take three to four weeks.
Again, you have the option of picking up your materials from us, meeting us halfway, or having us drop off your materials at your place.